How to: Paper Street DIY-kit - Assembly part 3/4


Step-by-step assembly

So you put together the ground floor and added the first floor on top, and you’re still here! That’s amazing! Time to add a roof to this house. Good news: your project is already halfway! Look for the sheets marked ‘Rooftop’ in the upper right corner and let’s get going.

step 1

Find the pieces as shown in the illustration above. With arrows I marked which part has to be connected where, but I’ll get back to this in the pictures. Pay attention, part 1 looks like another roof part but now we’re looking for a roof part without rooftiles. Part 2 is the floor and attached the back of the roof. Part 3 is the front.

step 2

Let’s attach part 2 to part 1. Apply glue to the flap marked with a circle and attach part 2. I use it as a rule to always start in the middle. I learned this from sewing, when putting a sleeve onto a body, you always start working from the middle to the sides.

step 3

Press parts together firmly until the glue is dry and then add glue to the left flap, secure it and then repeat with the flap on the right.

step 4

Let’s attach the roof to its floor. Add glue to the 3 flaps of the roof and secure them to the floor. Use the back of your tweezers to spress the parts together.

step 5

Now attach the front, part 3. Again start with the top middle flap, add glue and attach part 3. Then apply glue to the flaps on the side and bottom flap and use your tweezers to squeeze the parts together.

step 6

That was a fairly quick process, right? This is the structure for our roof. Time to make it fancy.

step 7

Now it’s going to get a bit more complicated. But I’ll talk you through it. Just make sure you really got the right parts, some pieces do look alike.

step 8

Find part 5 and score the dashed lines from the back and push the flaps to the front.

step 9

Now we’re going to prepare the dromer that will be attached to part 5 later. Find all pieces that are shown in the picture.

step 10

Let’s start by applying glue around the window opening on the backside of part 6. Position window part A on the backside of part 6.

step 11

Flip the piece to see if part A is properly positioned. Then attach the window frame, part B, to the front side of part 6.

step 12

Now add glue to the bottom middle flap of part 5, it’s marked with a circle in the picture above.

step 13

Attach part 6 to part 5.

step 14

Find part 8 and fold the flaps. It’s optional to peel one layer of all 3 flaps before adding the roof of the dormer.

step 15

Start by attaching the top middle parts together. Also, use the tip of your knife to press onto the roof tiles from the back of the paper. This way they will pop-out. Look at step 18 to see what I mean. Then apply glue to the flaps on the sides and complete the dormer roof.

step 16

Now add it to part 5. Use your tweezers to add pressure to the flaps from the inside while pressing down from the outside with your fingers. Let’s move onto the left side of the roof.

step 17

Find piece number 10 and start with scoring the dashed line from the back. It’s marked with a circle in the picture above.

step 18

Use the tip of your knife to push the cut-out roof tiles to the front.

step 19

This looks so lovely in the sunlight.

step 20

Find part 9 and first apply glue to the top middle flap and attach part 10. Then apply glue to the two side flaps and put the roof part together.

step 21

Finish the extension roof by adding glue to the bottom right and left flap, as marked with an arrow in the picture above. Use tweezers to hold the pieces together until the glue is dry.

step 22

Find part 4 and score the dashed lines on the backside. Pop-out the roof tiles from the back using the tip of your knife.


step 23

Start by applying glue to the top middle flap of part 4, marked with a circle in the picture above and attach part 5. The finish by adding glue to the flaps on both sides, marked with two arrows in the picture above and press parts together.

step 24

Lay the model on the table and add pressure to the flap from the inside.

step 25

Now add the roof of the extension: part 10 and 9 to the roof: part 4.Start with the top middle flap and then add glue to the flaps on both sides.

step 26

Now that the roof covering is finished, let's add it over the structure.

step 27

Apply a royal amount of glue to all sides of the structure, especially along the edges.

step 28

Because the roof covering is a bit bigger than the structure it’s best to flip both and then add the structure to the inside of the roof covering. Press together adding pressure from the inside.

step 29

If some edges didn’t attach properly you can squeeze the tip of your glue bottle in the gap to add some extra glue.

step 30

Now it’s time to put the icing on the cake. Must say with all this white, it kind of reminds me of icing. Again apply enough glue, use a scrap of paper to spread the glue evenly and then add the roof. Align the parts on the backside. 

step 31

Add some books on top for at least 10 minutes.

step 32

Chimney time! Look for these parts. C is the base of the chimney, part D will be attached to part C. And the parts labeled E will go on top of part D. The little pieces marked with an F are some decorative bricks that we will add at the end.

step 33

Grab part D and score all dashed lines on the backside of the piece. 

step 34

Fold and glue together like suggested in the picture above. If you like you can peel one layer of all flaps to make this small part fit together super tight. But it also works without doing so.

step 35

Hold the chimney in shape between your fingers until the glue has dried.

step 36

Look for part C and peel off one layer of the flap marked with an arrow in the picture above.

step 37

Now assemble the chimney. Apply glue to the scored flaps of part D and put them inside the top opening of part C.

step 38

Voila! Use your tweezers to reach the flaps on the inside of the chimney.

step 39

Put together the parts labeled E. Because they're square you can add glue to the flap, fold them in half and press together until the glue is dry and then…

step 40

Pop them up!

step 41

Apply glue to the bottom flaps and add part E to the top of the chimney. With your tweezers you can reach inside the little pipe to press down the flaps.

step 42

Repeat the process for the second pipe and apply it next to the other one. You can freestyle the placement.

step 43

Apply glue to all bottom flaps of the chimney.

step 44

Add it on top of the roof. On the left side if you’re looking from the back, like in the picture above. Squeeze together the chimney and the roof by putting your hand inside the model.

step 45

Finish off the chimney with some nice decorative brick pieces. Add them wherever you like.

And that’s it for part 3!! On to the last part: the archway.