Things you might like to know about
The Story Objects.

Where are the Story Objects Made?

The Story Objects are designed and produced locally by Vera van Wolferen in her studio in The Hague, The Netherlands

How do you create the DIY-kits?

The kits are designed in 3D software first. Then they’re sent to Pepakura, which digitally unfolds the 3D model. Then details are drawn and added in Illustrator. A plotter cuts and scores (half cut) the paper.

What kind of paper are the DIY-kits made out of?

The Story Objects are made out of high quality acid free 200gr watercolor paper.

Why don’t you use colored paper?

I believe that the white paper leaves more room for the imagination. It reminds me of architectural models and works beautifully with light and the texture of the paper.

Can I order a custom DIY-kit?

I take custom orders but be aware that the price for a custom kit includes the hours for design, prototyping, production and instructions so a custom kit starts from €1000 and there’s a minimum order that needs to be made.

Why do you only ship on Wednesday & Friday?

I’m a one woman business and also work on other projects. Next to that I love spending time with my son and boyfriend so to make it all happen I have regular shipping days.

Help! It’s a present and I’m late!

Just send me an email or dm on Instagram and I’ll see what I can do! I can also add a card with a personal message if you ask kindly ;)

Don’t you wish you could live in your designs?

Oh yes, I do! You too? Who know’s one day I’ll design a house or maybe a theme park? 

I bought a DIY-kit but it hasn’t arrived?

Always get in touch if shipping takes longer than expected. Sometimes things get lost in the mail, but we can always figure something out!