My mother used to bring home huge refridgerator boxes for me to play with. I would turn them into a spaceship, an atm or a doll house.

After graduating from art school with a degree in animation, Vera swore to never animate again. She had spent the whole summer inside – in the dark – working on a stop-motion animated short called How to Catch a Bird. What’s the fun in this? She thought and decided to quit.
Only her passion was still in building sets and crafting miniature worlds. So she continued expanding her imaginative universe making cardboard lamps that she started selling on Etsy. Crafting intricate miniature sculptures out of watercolor paper and building interactive worlds like Thought Hopper 3000, a handcrafted camper you can visit online.
Somehow the lamps looked like sets for animation. And her sculptures like settings for stories. The friend she was sharing her studio with said, you should call your sculptures Story Objects. And that’s how the idea was born.
To share her love for papercraft and miniatures with others she started making do-it-yourself kits in 2017. It’s her dream to conquer windowsills and mantelpieces worldwide with an ever expanding paper universe. Seeing every DIY-kit as a portal out of the ordinary into a world of make believe. So let’s build together!
(Good news: Vera got back into animation and is now directing a stop-motion for children about a depressed ladybug that’s saved by a misfit cockroach.)