How to: Paper Street DIY-kit - Assembly part 4/4


Step-by-step assembly

This is the last part! The side building with an archway. Hope you’re still excited and in good spirits, let’s finish the model! Look for the sheets marked ‘First Floor’ in the upper right corner. 

step 1

Look for the following pieces. Take them out of the pre-cut sheets or cut them out of your print-out. Part 1 is the front of the archway, pieces 2 & 3 are the dormer. The rest are details we’re going to apply first.

step 2

Look for all the dashed lines they’re marked with a red circle in the picture above and score them from the backside. Then fold them to the front. Use your knife to push out the roof tiles. 

step 3

Let's add the window of the archway. Add glue to the backside around the opening. Look for the part marked with an arrow in the next picture and attach it to the back.

step 4

Now add the window frame to the front of the archway.

step 5

Attach the decorative pieces around the arch opening. There’s a big arch, attach that first. Then add the three smaller parts. Watch out, the middle part, marked with an arrow, is bigger than the other two parts.

step 6

Find piece 3 and score the dashed line from the backside. This is the windowsill that will pop-out to the front. Also look for the matching arched window frame and apply it around the window opening.

step 7

Now add the front of the dormer (3), to the roof (1). Apply glue to the flap of part 1. Squeeze the parts together with your tweezers.

step 8

Look for the parts as shown in the picture. Part 4 is the back part of the archway. Part 5 is the inside of the archway. Next to part 5 there’s details for the door inside the archway. Part 6 is the roof of the dormer. 

step 9

Attach the roof (5) to the dormer (3) and roof (1).

step 10

And if it looks like this you are doing it right! (Sorry, are you also thinking about Mambo number 5 now? haha couldn’t help myself)

step 11

Time to add a second roof to the dormer that I by chance also named part 2. Don’t forget to push the roof tiles out first! Then add glue to the roof that was already there and apply the second one on top.

step 12

Let’s decorate this door. Score the dashed line from the back so the door will open to the front. Also add a small cut on the backside to make the door handle pop-out.

step 13

Add some depth with these details for the door.

step 14

Now let's ‘pre-bend’ this part. It will make it easier to attach it to the front of the building. 

step 15

Find the front (1) and the back (4) of the archway and start by attaching the flap marked with an arrow in the picture.

step 16

It’s always handy to flip your model to add pressure to the flap you just attached. This way you get really solid and straight angles. One the flap marked with a circle is attached, add glue to the flap marked with an arrow. Attach this part too.

step 17

Add glue and attach the flap marked with the arrow. For now, skip the one marked with an X. We’re going to keep the backside of the arch open so it’s easier to add the arch.

step 18

Take part 5, the arch and attach the flap marked with an arrow. When this is attached, add glue to the flap marked with the number 1.

step 19

Attach the flap marked with a circle.

step 20

Now we’re going to put the other end of the arch in place. Add glue to the flap marked with a circle and attach it to the spot marked with an arrow.

step 21

Fold all the small triangular flaps outward so we can fit the arch in.

step 22

First secure the flap marked with a circle. Then add glue to the arch and press down the triangular flaps one by one.

step 23

Once the arch is attached on the front side, we’re going to move to the opposite side. Add glue to the flaps marked with a circle and secure them.

step 24

You can reach the inside of the model from above. Use the back of your tweezers to press the flaps down until the glue is dry. Then repeat the process as described in step 22. When the arch is completely secured, move on to the next step.

step 25

Close off the building, starting on the front side of the building. Add glue to flaps marked with a circle and don’t forget the small flaps marked with arrows!

step 26

Now attach the last piece of the roof, and the building is done.

step 27

Add a fair amount of glue to the left side of the archway.

step 28

Align the backside of the house and the archway and use your fingers to squeeze the buildings together.

step 29

I put the model between a cabinet and some books to keep adding pressure to the model while I finish some details.

step 30

Like the Christmas tree (parts 1-4), the chimney (part 5) and the mailbox (part 6).

step 31

Let’s start with the tree! Part one is the bottom part of the tree. Use the tip of your knife to push out the needles or branches, what should we call this? In the same way as you did before with the roof tiles.

step 32

Close this part by attaching the flap marked with an arrow first. If you like you can peel off one layer of this flap to make it fit together more tightly.

step 33

Use your tweezers to keep the parts together.

step 34

Add glue to all flaps on the bottom part and close the shape.

step 35

Repeat this process for all parts of the tree.

step 36

End with the trunk of the tree.

step 37

You can reach the inside of the small piece with your tweezers.

step 38

That’s all the parts of the tree!

step 39

Add glue to the top of part 1.

step 40

Add glue to part 2 and press the pieces together while keeping the tree pressed on the table. This way you make sure that the backside of the tree is going to be straight.

step 41

Add the top and trunk of the tree, still keeping the tree on the cutting mat, or other flat surface.

step 42

Add glue to the backside of the tree.

step 43

Press it on to the side of the building. Add pressure from the inside of the model to attach.

step 44

Let’s make the mailbox! It’s so tiny, this really works best if you thin down the flaps by peeling off one layer. Take care that you don’t accidentally peel off the right and left side. Only peel off the flaps marked with a dot. From the backside score the opening of the mailbox as marked with the dashed line. With your knife push it to the front so it pops up.

step 45

Glue together, finish with the top.

step 46

Tadaaa! So tiny...

step 47

Last detail: the chimney!

step 48

Because it’s so tiny, try peeling off the flaps. Start by closing the base.

step 49

Then close the top, fold the flaps inward.

step 50

Add glue…

step 51

And with your tweezers secure the flaps on the inside.

step 52

Add glue to the flaps on the bottom and pick a nice spot for the chimney. Press down from above, using your tweezers to keep the chimney in place until the glue has dried.

step 53

That’s it!!

no… wait!

step 54

Let’s finish it off with a ladder. 

Enjoy your Paper Street! Please let me know how you experienced building this kit. I’m happy to receive your feedback to keep improving this kit.

I'd love to see your Paper Street. Please share your work with me on Instagram! @veravanwolferen.

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