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How to: Paper Street DIY-kit - Assembly part 3/4

ROOFTOP Step-by-step assembly So you put together the ground floor and added the first floor on top, and you’re still here! That’s amazing! Time to add a roof to this house. Good news: your project is already halfway! Look for the sheets marked ‘Rooftop’ in the upper right corner and let’s get going. step 1 Find the pieces as shown in the illustration above. With arrows I marked which part has to be connected where, but I’ll get back to this in the pictures. Pay attention, part 1 looks like another roof part but now we’re looking for a roof part without rooftiles. Part 2 is the floor and attached the back of the roof. Part 3 is the front. step...

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How to: Paper Street DIY-kit - Assembly part 2/4

FIRST FLOOR Step-by-step assembly Did you put the ground floor together successfully? It’s time to move on to part 2: the first floor! step 1 Look for wall parts like shown in the illustration above. Part 1 is the ceiling and wall of the extension. Part 2 has the big opening for the front window and a cut-out that will be connected to part 1. Part 3 contains the back and side wall and part 4 is the floor. step 2 Start with part 1, score the dashed lines from the back so the shutters can fold outwards. step 3 If you like you can score all individual slats of the shutters on the backside and use your knife to...

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How to: Paper Street DIY-kit - Assembly part 1/4

GROUND FLOOR Step-by-step assembly If you have all the right tools in place, and the parts are all cut, it's time to start assembling! I’ve made this step by step guide with a lot of pictures to guide you through the process in the best way. Please get in touch if things are unclear or if you get stuck. Now let’s start! I’ve divided the model into 4 parts: ground floor, first level, rooftop and archway. All pieces are grouped per part, you can find a label in the top right corner of your print-out or pre-cut sheets. If you cut the SVG files yourself and ended up with pieces that are not grouped, consult the pdf files to sort...

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